A while back, I wrote an article for a magazine entitled You Are What You Hear. The premise of the article is that you become what you hear and say about yourself.

You are, even more so, what you see. The evidence, particularly over the past fifty years of psychology, shows that you will act only how you see yourself acting, you will achieve only what you see yourself achieving, and you will become only what you see yourself becoming.

When asked what he considered the greatest psychological discovery of the 21st century, American psychologist William James answered,

“The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. As you think, so shall you be.”

You are what you see. You become what you think about. You usually achieve only what you see yourself achieving.

That’s what Episode 2 of the World Changer Show is all about.

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Article: You Are What You Hear

“Feel As If” Exercise

To “Feel As If” follow these steps 3-4 times per week for approximately 20 minutes each time:

  1. Relax. Take 10 30-second cleansing breaths or more if necessary. Lie down on the floor, sit Indian style, stand on your head. Whatever relaxes you.
  2. Picture whatever you want in vivid detail. See everything in the present tense as though you are experiencing it right now, not in the 3rd person, future tense. See everything as you want it.
  3. Start with the end in mind, then work up to that. Determine in advance what you want to see in the end, whatever outcome you want. Then work from the beginning to that. It is important to see the process along the way.
  4. Close the same way every time. Make it a ritual. End with a positive statement that declares that what I have seen is true. In their book, Dare to Win, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield suggest ending a visualization session with a statement such as “And so it is. Thank you God.” I have my own words and suggest you choose your own as well.

Hourly Maintenance Reinforcements

Reminder: Leave a comment below and help me come up with a better name for these 🙂

  1. Stand up or walk if you prefer.
  2. Smile. Laugh. Open your chest wide.
  3. Stick your finger in your chest. You are talking about yourself. This simple act also causes a physical sensation and hammers in the words.
  4. If possible, declare it out loud and meditate on it for 15 seconds. If you can’t say it aloud, do whatever you can to focus on that trait and imagine yourself displaying that trait.

The whole maintenance process should only take 30 seconds.

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