BLUF Your Way to More Affiliate Sales (And Other Writing Rules)

10 Rules for Better Writing to Help Boost Your Commissions

Great writing can be the difference between affiliate marketing mediocrity and affiliate marketing rockstardom. For nearly a decade, I’ve followed 10 simple writing rules. These rules have helped me to make millions of dollars online. And since they are universal rules, they will work for you.

Affiliate marketing is all about communication. If you communicate well, your audience trusts you, which means more sales. If you communicate well, your audience is compelled to buy, which means more sales. If you communicate…well, you get the point.

How to SERVE Your Audience by Promoting Affiliate Offers

It's Not All About the Commissions

Many people think that promoting affiliate offers is all about the commissions. But it can be a great way to SERVE your audience. I show you how in this video.

When you do affiliate marketing right, it’s a great way to be of service to your tribe. And you benefit in ways beyond just the commissions.

Should You Pay Your Affiliates a Commission on Upsells and Downsells?

When to Pay and How Much

When you offer an upsell or downsell, should you pay affiliates a commission? I’ve seen it done many different ways. No commission, full commission, partial commission, but the answer ultimately boils down to one thing.

Watch the video above for my take and the best answer I got when I asked other experts.

Affiliate Opportunity: Michael Hyatt’s Free to Focus

Launching September 2017

Last year, Michael Hyatt created a brand new productivity course and released it to his audience.  This year, Free to Focus will be available for affiliates to share with their audiences as well.  We couldn’t be more excited to add this launch to our affiliate offerings for September 2017.

I am personally very excited for this launch for four reasons:

Can You Reuse the Same Affiliate Bonuses for Different Promotions?

Q&A with Arye Barsky

Arye Barsky asked a great question recently about affiliate bonuses. He just finished promoting one product launch and wanted to know if he can use the same bonuses in the next launch he is promoting. Here’s my answer:

There is no easy answer to this question, but I share my thoughts in this video. Since affiliate bonus packages are such an important part of a promotion, a lot of thought should go into them.

When Should You Negotiate Affiliate Commissions?

Is there a right time or wrong time to negotiate affiliate commissions? Should you even negotiate at all? I was recently asked that question by one of my team members, Mark Sieverkropp. We hopped on a quick call and recorded our chat:

In this quick video, I share my thinking on when to negotiate your commissions, when to not, and the risks of doing so.

Mark gets his answer…and you get listen in.