Think You Can’t Sell Affiliate Offers? Think Again!

Proof That Anyone Can Sell Anything

Are you one of those people who thinks you just can’t sell affiliate offers? Well, you are WRONG! You can sell…anything to anyone…and this video will prove it.

In this video, I share an exercise I take people through when they say “I just don’t think I can sell affiliate offers.”

How I Made My First $1000 in Affiliate Commissions (And How You Can, Too)

What You Can Learn from My First Successful Promotions

I still remember it like it was yesterday…my first affiliate commission. And then my second. Soon, I’d made my first $1,000 (and more) in affiliate commissions. Here’s how I did it…and how you can, too!

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For more than two years, I produced volumes of content. Nearly the equivalent to seven medium-sized books.

Affiliate Opportunity: Chandler Bolt’s Self-Publishing School

The Go-To Course for Anyone Looking to Write a Book Launches Next Month

How does a nobody with average grades in English publish multiple bestselling books? By following a system. That system is Chandler Bolt’s Self-Publishing School, which teaches the methods that Chandler himself has used to publish bestsellers despite being a C-student in English. And it’s a great affiliate opportunity.

I’m excited about Chandler’s launch for 4 reasons:

  1. The course is solid. I never recommend promoting anything you don’t believe in wholeheartedly. And this is something I believe in 100%. I’ve been through the course (and…hint, hint, will be using it soon for my upcoming book!) and it is one of the best organized, in-depth courses in all of internet marketing.

Inside Look at Ray Edwards’ Affiliate Bonus Packages

Ray Edwards is always one of the top affiliates in every launch he supports. He consistently outperforms his list size and always seems to surprise me. One of the biggest reasons is he always has great bonuses.

I recently shot this video for Michael Hyatt’s affiliates. In it, Ray Edwards is gracious enough to spend more than twenty minutes breaking down his bonus package for Michael’s launch.

How to Sell Affiliate Offers to a Reluctant Audience

Great Question from Arabah Joy About Selling to Hesitant Buyers

I got a great question recently from an affiliate of Michael Hyatt about selling to a reluctant audience. Her audience is not conditioned to buy and she was worried about convincing them to buy the course without upsetting them.

This question came from Arabah Joy, who wrote:

How to Close Sales on the Final Day of a Launch

The 5 Secrets of Top Converters REVEALED

When you promote a product launch as an affiliate, you know that the last day is the biggest day. On average, 40-60% of sales can come on the last day. I’ve even seen some affiliates at the top of leaderboards with 70%+ in the final 24 hours. Today, I’ll show you how to close with a bang and double or even triple your commissions on the last day.

I was reviewing the stats from the past year of launches that we’ve run for awesome people like Michael Hyatt, Ray Edwards, Jeff Goins, and others and I noticed an interesting trend. It was almost universally true.