When Should You Introduce Your Affiliate Bonus Package?

How to Determine the Right Time for You

As an affiliate, when is the right time to introduce your audience to your bonus package? That was the question I got from one of our students in our No Product No Problem course recently. It’s also a question I get in every affiliate promotion we run for our clients. Here’s the answer:

If you take the time to put together a great affiliate bonus package, you should roll it out at the right time. But when is that?

Are You Ready for Affiliate Marketing?

No Matter What You THINK, the Real Answer is YES!

You should get involved in affiliate marketing NOW. No matter whether you think you are ready or not, TODAY is the day to get involved. In this video, I show why you should be an affiliate and get your own affiliates right away.

I got an email from a reader named Chris Kinney recently:

I’m trying to figure out how to advertise my website right now. Kind of lost I guess. At this point I really don’t think I’m ready for affiliates.

Chris, you ARE ready. NOW is the time to start.

Double Your Affiliate Commissions with this VERY Simple Email Strategy

How 5% Extra Effort Could Greatly Increase Your Commissions

If you aren’t resending your emails to the unopens you are missing out on one of the easiest and most readily available sources of traffic to your content. In today’s post, Mark Sieverkropp, my resident “Sender of Unopens” will share some tips and techniques we use to resend virtually EVERY email at least one time.

How many times have you opened up your inbox, seen an email that you wanted to read and told yourself that you’d go back and read it later when you had a little more time? You might even have “starred” or marked it as important.

Three Principles to Guarantee Affiliate Marketing Success

How Setting Hyper-Specific Goals Can Explode Your Affiliate Income Stream In Your Personality-Based Business

What if you could completely remove failure as an option in your affiliate marketing? What if there was a way to set goals that would guarantee your success as an affiliate? Well, there is. By following the three principles outlined in today’s post you can ensure your success — whether it is your first affiliate promotion or your 100th.

Let’s be honest:

It hurts when you join a launch as an affiliate and don’t make a dime.

Affiliate Opportunity – Ziglar Family’s Families That Win

If you have a list of mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, or anyone that is interested in improving their family communication and relationships, you need to read this.  This spring the timeless wisdom of Zig Ziglar is being applied to family relationships and dynamics when Ziglar Family launches Families That Win…and we’d love to have you join the launch.

Here’s what you need to know about this awesome launch and 5 reasons YOU should join.