The Best Way To Generate Passive Affiliate Income (A Beginner’s Guide) [VIDEO]

Using Your Resource Page To Generate Passive Affiliate Income

When I talk to people that are new to affiliate marketing, they often think you have to have a big email list to earn affiliate income. Nothing could be further from the truth. In a recent video, I shared the easiest way to start affiliate marketing. In today’s video, I share the SECOND easiest way to start affiliate marketing (it’s also the #1 way to generate passive affiliate income with your blog – regardless of your list size)!

How Often Can You Promote The Same Evergreen Offer [VIDEO]

Promoting an evergreen offer is different than promoting a product launch. This is because you can promote an evergreen offer whenever you want and as often as you want because it’s always available. But, of course, you don’t want to overdo it. So how often CAN you promote the same evergreen offer to your list? That’s what I’ll share with you in this video.

Your Products vs. Affiliate Promos – Which One Should You Focus On?

3 Things You Must Do To Balance Them Successfully

I’ve made it abundantly clear that I believe you should promote affiliate offers before you have your own product. But what if you already have a product or several products? Should you promote your own products or should you focus on affiliate offers? Today I’m going to show you how this isn’t an either/or question. You can (and should) do both.

How Do You Promote Affiliate Offers That Have a Lifetime Cookie? [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 186

I am a big fan of affiliate programs that offer a lifetime cookie. Heck, I did an entire video on the subject. In my opinion, it’s only fair to reward affiliates in this way. But, could it be a problem for new affiliates? That’s what David asked recently and in today’s episode, I answer his question!

Who To Promote Repeat Affiliate Offers To [VIDEO]

Recently I got a question from a reader about how to promote a launch you’ve already promoted. Many programs and courses launch once or even twice a year; can you promote the same product to the same people again? Or should you only promote it to new people to your list? Or some other segment? In this video, I give you my answer.

Affiliate Opportunity: Todd Brown’s E5 C.A.M.P. Masterclass

Legendary Marketer Todd Brown's Upcoming Launch

Few people in the marketing world have a reputation as good as Todd Brown. Todd is the “go-to guy” for wildly successful marketing funnels. And now Todd is launching his E5 C.A.M.P. Masterclass to help entrepreneurs and small business owners acquire more customers. Not to mention it’s converting EXTREMELY well for affiliate partners. Read on to learn more about this new affiliate opportunity.

Should You Have Affiliates For Your First Launch? [VIDEO]

My Surprising Answer To A Subscriber's Question

Recently I got a question from Elle Cole. She is just starting out online and hasn’t launched her product before. Her question is whether or not she should get affiliates to promote her product at this time. First off, Elle, good for you for thinking of ways to grow your business and your reach. That being said, in the video below, I answer Elle’s question…and my answer just might surprise you!