Who Gets The Commission When More Than One Affiliate Gets The Click? [VIDEO]

30 Days of Q&A - Day Nineteen

When more than affiliate gets a click for someone who ends up buying a product, who gets the credit? Some people say the first click, others the last, still others a hybrid of the two. In today’s video, I share my thoughts on this sometimes controversial subject.

In the simplest terms, there are three possibilities when more than one affiliate sends a click or optin that results in sale:

  1. The first click gets it.
  2. The last click gets it.
  3. Everyone gets a piece of the action.

But which is best? Watch the video to find out.

Resources Mentioned in this Video


iDev Affiliate

Affiliate Portal Builder

Question: What’s your take on this subject? Who gets the credit if more than one affiliate sends a click or optin? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Hi again Matt 🙂 I’m using aMember, which ‘out of the box’ is ‘first sale’ belongs to the affiliate and that customer is database connected to the affiliate for future sales (as long as you set it for – can be any amount of time.)

    This is grand for the first sale affiliate, especially since it’s popular among users to allow for lifetime database commissions. This gives an affiliate a lot of motivation to encourage a sale when they know there’s a nice back end operating.

    This ultimately stinks for other affiliates operating in the same neighborhood. They can promote all day long and if another affiliate made the first sale, they get nothing.

    Finally, someone asked aMember for a fix and they’ve provided one – you have to hand add the code at this time. I imagine it will get added in a future update.

    The ‘Promoting Affiliate Earns The Sale’ Fix means whether there’s an original referring affiliate connected to the customer account or not, the promoting affiliate gets the sale they instigate.

    Sales that come from my own efforts, or the customer just happens back on their own, will still get credited to the original affiliate.

    • Good for them! Glad they listened to their audience 🙂

      As I say in the video, every method is inherently flawed. the problem with first click is that someone can promote once and never again and get credit for everything. Bad.

      And last click, well I share those problems in the video.

      Last click seems to be the lesser of two imperfections.

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