What do You do if You Can’t Reciprocate an Affiliate Promotion? [VIDEO]

30 Days of Q&A - Day Five

What do you do if someone is a good fit to promote your offer but the reverse is not true? This happens all the time in the affiliate world. Someone else has a perfect audience for your product, but their product is not a good fit for your audience. When this happens, what do you do? That’s what today’s video is all about.

Most larger affiliates will want some sort of reciprocation. In other words, “You promote me, I’ll promote you.”

Episode 093: I Hate My Job, Now What?

Mark Sieverkropp on Networking Your Way to a Job You Love

Have you ever had a job you hated? I mean REALLY hated? Are you in you in it now? Well in today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how to leave a job you hate using the power of a great network.

Episode 093: I Hate My Job, Now What?

Today’s Topics

In today’s episode, our guest and I talk about:

  • Power of building a network
  • How to use projects to change your life and world
  • How to get out of a job you hate

How to Connect with People You Admire

Join me and Relationship-Building Expert John Corcoran for a Free Webinar

Take a moment to answer this question: Who have you always wanted to connect with? It’s probably someone you admire like your favorite author, entrepreneur, or business leader. The problem is that those people are very difficult to connect with…until you know how.

How to Connect with People You Admire

We all have people we look up to and wish we could connect with. We read all their books, watch all their speeches, follow them on social media. and listen to every interview they give. We know their stories and we feel a connection to them.

But the question remains…how do we connect with them?

The 2 Not-So-Secret Millionaire Success Secrets That You Can Use, Regardless of Your Background

I remember the day I woke up and realized we had 50+ people working for us. It seemed like only yesterday there were just four of us doing it all. How did we get here? I asked myself. The answer boiled down to two simple words: Attitude and Connections.

The 2 Not-So-Secret Millionaire Success Secrets That You Can Use, Regardless of Your Background

What did attitude and connections have to do with our success? I’ll share two facts and two stories that will show you.

The Right Attitude

By my count, seven of the people we hired at our business came as a result of meeting them elsewhere. The courteous cell phone salesperson, the waiter who went above and beyond the call of duty, or the daycare worker who had an infectious smile.

They had no experience in our industry, but they had the right attitude.

Quite Possibly The #1 Thing Holding You Back in 2015

I hear the same complaint over and over again. “Matt, I have big ideas, big visions, and big goals, but I don’t know the right people to help make them a reality.” Have you ever felt that way? Full of ideas, energy, and ready to change the world but you don’t have the right connections?

Quite Possibly The #1 Thing Holding You Back in 2015

Based on my formal (in the form of reader surveys) and informal research (based on the sheer number of emails I get about the subject), the number one thing holding you back in 2015 is your lack of a solid network.

Not your desire.

Not your health.

Not your focus.

Not your bank account.

Not your skill or knowledge.

The number one thing holding you back is likely your connections…or lack thereof.

If that is you, my friends John Corcoran, Mark Sieverkropp, and I have the solution.

Interview with John Corcoran on Building an Amazing Network

You’ve heard me say it before and trust me today won’t be the last time I say this. The most effective way to change the world, the most effective way to grow your business, the most effective way to raise awareness for a cause, really the most effective way to accomplish just about anything is to build and nurture a powerful network.

Interview with John Corcoran

That’s what today’s guest is all about. He not only teaches this stuff, but he uses it in amazing ways, so let’s get right into today’s interview and you can learn from a networking expert.

About John Corcoran

John started his career as a Writer in the Clinton White House, and today is an attorney and Chief Revolutionary behind SmartBusinessRevolution.com, where he shows entrepreneurs and small business owners how to turn relationships into more clients and increased revenues.