The Most Important Skill of Any Marketer

Why Copywriting is So Critical (And How You Can Learn from the Master)

Last year, something changed for me. That something was that I learned a skill that every marketer needs to know well: Copywriting. I learned it from the master. And so can you.

Learn Copywriting for Free with Ray Edwards

Today, I consider myself blessed to be friends with that master, Ray Edwards. He’s not only a client of ours, but also a dear friend.

Long before we worked together, though, I was a fan of his, listening to his podcast for hours and reading everything he put out (I still do today).

The Stats Don’t Lie

Along the way, I picked up a few things from him. How to be persuasive without feeling sleazy, for instance. And how to get people to open, read, and take action on my emails.

This Could Change Online Marketing Forever (It’s Called SmartBribe)

Bryan Harris' Awesome New Tool is a Game Changer...Here's Why You Need to Check It Out

Last week, I stumbled across something that I think could be a game changer. It’s called SmartBribe and it’s the latest in a series of amazing products from Bryan Harris. Once you see how you can use it, you’ll be blown away.

Review of Bryan Harris' SmartBribe

NOTE: This is a blog about affiliate launches and normally I make a commission off anything you buy. In this case, however, I do not. In fact, Bryan does not even know I am writing this. That should in no way affect whether you check it out, but I thought you should know.

What is SmartBribe?

The simplest explanation of SmartBribe is this:

It is a tool that helps you convert optins into viral growth.

Receiving Tough Feedback | John Miller’s Advice to Mark Sieverkropp

So what would you do if someone you looked up to told you everything you did wrong when you reached out to him?

Maybe you’ve thought about emailing or calling this person for months or years. And you finally do. And then…

That’s what happened to Mark Sieverkropp recently when he reached out to someone he looked up to. But I don’t want to ruin the story, because it’s really good and there is a lot to learn from it.

So without further ado or explanation, take it away Mark.

Getting Tough Feedback - Mark Sieverkropp

I have been waiting several months to share this story. And I don’t believe there is any better place to share it than on Matt’s blog!

This past summer I was working on a project, Happen To Your Career, with Scott Barlow. (You may recognize that name from the fact that our very own Matt McWilliams was featured on our podcast). In the process of this, we were doing some marketing and contacting folks to ask for their help.