Last year, something changed for me. That something was that I learned a skill that every marketer needs to know well: Copywriting. I learned it from the master. And so can you.

Learn Copywriting for Free with Ray Edwards

Today, I consider myself blessed to be friends with that master, Ray Edwards. He’s not only a client of ours, but also a dear friend.

Long before we worked together, though, I was a fan of his, listening to his podcast for hours and reading everything he put out (I still do today).

The Stats Don’t Lie

Along the way, I picked up a few things from him. How to be persuasive without feeling sleazy, for instance. And how to get people to open, read, and take action on my emails.

Statistically, the biggest thing I noticed after one of Ray’s free trainings was that my open rates skyrocketed and my click through rates jumped dramatically. The proof, as they say, was in the pudding. And my pudding was email.

My average open rate before implementing Ray’s methods: 24.2%

My open rates after implementing Ray’s methods: 28.6%

My click through rate before Ray’s methods: 2.2% (yikes)

My click through since: 5.3% (hooray!)

My pudding tastes a lot better these days (OK, enough with the pudding references…that horse is dead).

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The Truth About Copywriting

Most people think that copywriting is some sort of a magic act or a dark art. But that could not be further from the truth.

Copywriting is, at its core, a skill that anyone can develop.



“Born” salespeople.

Techie people.

Stay-at-home moms. Engineers. CPAs. High Ds. High Cs. Cool kids. Nerds. Jocks.

Anyone can learn effective copywriting.

And if you are going to learn, learn from the master.

The guy who wrote copy for Tony Robbins. And Jack Canfield. Oh, and Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, and Mark Victor Hansen. They guy who Michael Hyatt calls:

The best copywriting teacher I know.

Yeah, that guy…Ray Edwards.

Why You Need to Learn Copywriting

Copywriting is, simply put, “sales in print.”

It’s written persuasion. It’s leading people to take an action that is in the best interest of both you and the other person.

That might be to buy your product, sign up for your class, click “Read More,” or to take a test drive. Whatever it is, you have to persuade them to take action.

A little known fact about human beings is that, by nature, we abhor taking action. When presented with two choices, to act or not act, our default is to not act. It’s a survival mechanism, I guess.

That is until we are persuaded to take action. Only when the compelling force of taking action outweighs our desire to do nothing do we take action.

That is what good copywriting does. It overrides our evolutionary defaults.

Free Training

Ray Edwards is what Michael Hyatt says he is. The single best copywriting teacher on the planet.

And you have an opportunity to learn from him. For free.

Of course, he will make every attempt (persuasively so) to convince you to purchase his full-priced product, Copywriting Academy. But…this free training is GOLD!

It’s the same training that helped me nearly triple my click through rates and is making me, ahem, a LOT of money today.

Go check out the free training now. It seriously will not be available for long.

What has been your biggest struggle in writing copy?

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  1. Heidi Bender says:

    I downloaded some of Ray’s free stuff earlier this week!

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Nice Heidi. It’s pretty much awesome isn’t it?

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