Four Things to Say to Yourself Before Every Meeting

How do you get your game face on before meetings? You do have a meeting game face don’t you?

Meeting Game Face

I’ve found that people attending meetings tend to fall into four groups, loosely based on their DISC profiles.

Group 1: Those who have all the ideas and think theirs are the best. (Those who take over, usually High D’s)

Group 2: Those who have tons of ideas but never share them. (Those who are afraid to speak up, usually High C’s and S’s)

Group 3: Those who have no ideas. (Those who don’t think quickly, usually High C’s)

Group 4: Those who just want to have fun. (Those who came for the party and a business meeting broke out, usually High I’s)

Here are four mantras for each of the four groups. No matter what group you fall into, I want you to repeat these over and over before each meeting, so that you achieve your objectives.

Group 1 Mantras

Objective: To be cooperative, to be a team player, to value others’ opinions, and learn.

  1. I am not the smartest person in the room.
  2. I didn’t get here by myself.
  3. My idea is not always going to be the best one.
  4. I need help to make a wise decision.

Those are the things that I personally repeat each time I attend a meeting.

Group 2  Mantras

Objective: To speak up, to be heard, to help the team, and show energy.

  1. I have valuable ideas to share.
  2. I am an important part of this team.
  3. I will defend my ideas when challenged.
  4. Others need my counsel.

Group 3 Mantras

Objective: To participate in the discussion, to contribute, to think on your feet, and to be seen as actively involved.

NOTE: I have often found that this group needs to prepare in advance. Come with ready-made ideas and share them throughout.

  1. I am prepared for this meeting.
  2. I will ask for time to think when needed.
  3. I will think out loud when necessary.
  4. I will be seen as engaged.

Group 4 Mantras

Objective: To be seen as more serious, focused on the task at hand, and contributing.

  1. I care deeply about results.
  2. I will use my relationship skills to bring others together.
  3. I will take notes and offer serious ideas.
  4. I will use humor only when appropriate to lighten the mood.

Which group do you fall into? How can these mantras help you? What would you add or take away from yours?

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