People who succeed at affiliate marketing don’t do so by accident or coincidence. They are intentional and focused. They have a plan and a system. My friend Danny Iny is one of those people. Recently he shared with me his top 5 secrets for affiliate promotions. Today I share them with you.

5 Tips For Affiliate Marketing from Danny Iny

Most people know Danny Iny because of his ultra-successful online training course, Course Builder’s Laboratory. But what you might not know is that Danny is also very successful with affiliate marketing and consistently finishes near the top of affiliate launch leaderboards.

Recently I had the privilege of spending time with Danny and other top marketers, including Josh Turner, John Corcoran and Ryan Eliason at a mastermind in Atlanta. During that mastermind, Danny shared with us his top 5 secrets for affiliate promos with us.

Now I’m sharing them with you.

1. Take Time Writing Your Copy

The fact is, you simply cannot take the swipe copy that you are given by an affiliate manager and copy/paste. When we (meaning affiliate managers) give you swipe copy for a launch, that is intended to give you the foundation for your email, not the completed email.

For me when I need to write an email I go for a walk and speak the email into a recorder. This helps my emails to sound more authentic and unique. Then when I get back I’ll type out the email and as I’m typing I’ll adjust what isn’t flowing right, I’ll add in a sentence or two from the swipe copy or change a word that doesn’t quite fit.

The point is, I’m taking my time.

Your copy is the most important part of your promotion plan. The bonuses, offer, etc. are all secondary to having good copy.

So make sure to take your time.

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2. Be Original

This ties into the last tip.

Don’t send the same email that everybody else is sending. Nobody wins when 500 or 50 or even 10 affiliates send the exact same email to their audiences.

Be original.

For me, this means finding a hook or a story that I can tie whatever I am promoting into.

For example, recently I promoted Marisa Murgatroyd’s Experience Product Masterclass.

The swipe copy we got for PLC #1 talked about teachers and how great teachers use experiences to enhance their teaching.

So what did I do?

I told the story about my favorite high school teacher, Mrs. Trippi.

Here’s a part of that email:

Now, there were hundreds of affiliates promoting Marisa’s launch. Do you think ANY of them talked about Mrs. Trippi?


Yes, I used parts of the swipe copy that Marisa’s team sent me, but the email was completely original.

Because I found a way to tell MY story.

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3. Explain What They Will Get

Now when I say this, I’m not talking about telling them that they will get 45 lessons in 6 modules, mp3 downloads and 3 action guides, though you might touch on this briefly.

But I am talking about going deeper and explaining what they are actually getting from this.

What information will they gain in those 6 modules?

What will the experience be that they will get within the course or product?

4. Focus On The Transformation

This is similar to tip number 3, but this focus is more on what will they become.

Focus on the results that they are going to get.

In the weight loss space, this would be the difference between saying they you will lose 25 lbs and saying that you will look better, feel better and have more confidence.

When focusing on the transformation, ask yourself what your audience hopes to achieve by purchasing the course or product.

Who do they want to become? What do they want their business to look like? What problems do they want to be free of?

Focusing on the transformation is all about identifying and defining the aspirations of your audience.

5. Make It Unique To Your Audience

You and I could be promoting the exact same product, but position it in completely different ways (or at least we should), because we have completely different audiences.

If I am promoting the upcoming Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass from Ziglar Inc. and Kevin Harrington, I will focus on how online marketers and entrepreneurs can use the sales strategies taught to increase their affiliate income, get more people to take action from their content and how to close sales of their own products.

If your audience is mostly authors, you’re going to focus on how using the techniques taught in the masterclass can help your audience to market and sell their book that they put so much time and effort into writing.

We are both promoting the same product, but our emails and positions will be (and should be) completely different. Because our audiences are different.

Make sure when you promote a product or launch that you take the time to make the messaging and positioning in your copy and other promotional materials unique to your audience.

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If you apply these five tips to your next affiliate promotion I know you will see great results!

What is YOUR number one secret for affiliate promotions?


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