Consider this an invitation. An invitation to share your success story. Read more below to learn how your case study could be featured on my blog.

Case study on affiliate marketing

It’s official…and not surprising…case studies are among my most popular posts. Whether they are the case studies I’ve shared from my own experience like:

Or from others like:

Why Case Studies are so Popular

I believe that these case studies are so popular for three reasons:

1. They combine story and data

There is no better way to learn than a good story. We remember stories. We are drawn to them. They are compelling and engaging.

But we also need the data to back it up. Case studies provide both.

2. They are both realistic and aspirational

A case study like John Meese’s shows that anyone can succeed at affiliate marketing. He had a small list and still made more than $5,000 in commissions in one month.

We look at John’s story and say, “I can do that, too!”

On the other hand, Josh Turner’s case study of running a massive launch is aspirational. Most readers can’t run a 7-figure affiliate launch any time soon. But we look at his case study and say, “One day, I will do that too.”

3. They are timely

Most case studies are from recent successes, not from events that happened years ago. In the ever-changing world of online marketing, that is important.

While much of what you learn in case studies are timeless principles about online marketing, you will also learn about new trends, tools, and tricks from more recent success stories.

Your Success Story

You’ve read the stories from me and others, but what about you?

I’m looking for some awesome case studies for the second half of 2016 and I want to feature your story, if it’s a good one.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out this short overview of your success story. No launch is too small. No launch is too big. Remember, we’re looking to educate and inspire readers in all stages of their business.
  2. We’ll review the stories and reach out to you to learn more.
  3. You and I will record an interview discussing your case study.
  4. I’ll feature you on my blog! This will include a link back to your site and any free resources you want to offer along with a link to sign-up to promote a future launch of yours (if applicable).

It’s a win-win! We all get to learn from each other and you get a lot of free publicity.

Just click here to share your story and we’ll be in touch soon.


Text me anytime at (260) 217-4619.

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