What if there was an easy way to get an extra 10% out of your affiliates? When I say easy I mean in a matter of an hour or two of that little extra work that makes a huge difference…and you make 10% more money. Sounds like a dream right? And today I’ll show you how.

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Simple Way to Get 10% More from Your Affiliates

I got an interesting email that I’m going to share in a little bit, that kind of sparked this episode.

And you’ll see why like this one email kind of open this whole Pandora’s box.

I’m going to share 10 ways to get an extra 10% from your affiliates.

Really you might get an extra 20 or 30% by doing most of these 10 things, if not all 10. These are things that almost no one does.

They all came from one little email that has to do with one little part of it. The thing is you work hard to recruit affiliates. You work hard to serve them during a big launch or a big push or every month then why not get that extra 10%?

So after a big promotion, after a launch, right after those things, right after your big launch ends, right after this big push for a sale that you’ve got or a new product that you’ve got, most people just go dark. They just go dark.

There’s no communication. So let’s really look at the launch world for this and you can apply this to promotions, cyclical things, maybe a busy quarter.

If Q4 is really busy for you or you have a business, that’s really a ramp-up say around Easter, really ramps up around, mother’s day and father’s day really ramps up around Memorial day and early summer and ramps down at the end of the say, after July 4th, just for example.

What do you do in that other 42 weeks out of the year? Outside of launch world, what are you doing the other 49 and a half weeks? Well, most people just go dark.

Their communication drops to basically nothing and they kind of everything just kind of happens in the background. Instead of staying front and center with your affiliates, they go dark and that’s just doesn’t work.

Here’s what to do instead. I’ve got 10 things for you that are gonna make a huge difference. These are the things that when you do them after a launch, your next launch will be 20% bigger or a minimum 10% bigger than it would have been minimum.

All right, after a big promotion, the next thing that you do, it’s going to be 10 or 20% bigger.

First of all, after a launch, after a promotion, send a recap email.

This email should kind of vacillate between two almost extremes, very heartfelt. You want to thank them. You want to express genuine gratitude, excitement to serve your audience.

In this email, you want to talk about just how grateful you are. You want to talk about the results overall and things like that of course.

Then the second part of it is going to be very factual. So you want to send this about one to two days after the launch or the promotion.

So we just had a big promotion that we did with Pedro Adao. This launch ended on Monday night. So I’m recording this on Thursday. These emails are going out today.

I say one or two days after, just to be clear that one day after would actually be yesterday, two days after it’d be today, it might be three days after, it doesn’t matter, right?

This email, the one that I’m sending just says, “Hey, FirstName.” I’ll tweak this for each of these. These are the ones you’ll see, as we go along, I will send about 20 of these very personally, the others I will do as a mail merge. That is super easy to do.

I just wanted to send you a quick personal, thank you for supporting Pedro’s launch.

It ended up being an amazing launch and more importantly, it’s going to have an amazing impact on everyone who is involved, whether they bought a crusher with challenges or a backstage pass, or just attended the free challenge lives were changed.

I can’t wait to see the results a year from now and five years from now, as we get stories from people you referred, I’ll be sharing them with you because I know how awesome it is to hear about those things.

Here’s how things went down for you.

Then I give them their stats. I say, in there, “you had this many opt-ins you had a thousand opt-ins you had 50 backstage passes, you sold 20 courses and you made this much money.

I break down the stats. It’s kind of two very different things, right? Very heartfelt and then here are the facts. I let them know when they’re going to get paid. So here’s when the refund period ends. Here’s when you’ll get paid. Here’s when we’ll be announcing other prizes because there are some prizes involved and yada, yada, yada.

I can give them all the facts in there so there are no questions and they feel super served.

It takes a little bit of time. That probably took me two minutes to write and then the pieces like how many opt-ins you had, that’s all a virtual assistant who’s just doing that work and sending those emails. So it’s super quick on my part.

Secondly, get them to commit to the next launch or promotion. This alone is worth 20%. If you just get your top partners lined up for the next one, it will be 20% bigger because if they’re going to be a little bit bigger and you’re going to bring on new people.

So get them immediately, ask them to support the next one, tell them the dates. You should plan the next launch date before your launch. You should plan the next big promo before this promo.

Now the caveat to that is, let’s say you plan it, but you discover something. “Man, sales really sucked because cart closed in the middle of spring break.”

So we’re going to move it up a week next year. You talk with your team right after the launch and say, yep. The biggest lesson we learned is we need to move it up a week. So you figured that out. And then you announced that.

There are caveats that maybe you need to move it back. We moved our launch to an entirely different time of year. And so sometimes that happens and you, you don’t think that’s going to happen until after, but definitely do that.

Third, send another email when the refund period is over. So this is just the final thing. It’s basically a thank you again. It was awesome. We’ve already heard some amazing stories.

In fact, here are some of our favorite ones so far, and “I just wanted to confirm or just a reminder, you had a thousand opt-ins. You had 40 backstage pass sales. You had 22 core sales, only one refund. So your commissions are going to be this.”

Number four, pay on time. Do not pay late. If you say, you’re going to pay on April 15th, pay on April 15th.

We typically, want to promise that we’re going to pay in a fast manner. So if a launch ends on April 1st and the refund period is over on April 15th, we will tell them April 20th, just to buy us a few days and then we can pay them early. We’ll pay them on April 17th. So, “Hey, we’re paying you early”. But pay on time or pay early.

Then fifthly do this when you pay, this is that email I mentioned, this one email opened this whole Pandora’s box for this episode.

I had someone say, well, how do I do payments? I’ve got the 20 affiliates. So this isn’t even like 400 affiliates said, I don’t want to send individual payments. It’s too cumbersome.

What do I do? Well, here’s the thing you can do mass pay with PayPal. That’s actually what we use with a caveat, but I also send an email to them. So yeah, you send the mass payment that way they get their money in and that’s easy.

First of all, payments can be done by a virtual assistant. You don’t need to be doing, doing the payments just to be clear, but you want to send them a separate email. You can’t just have PayPal send the email and then that’s it.

I don’t even see those emails. The money goes into PayPal. We don’t even know about it until the end of the month. I don’t see the email.

So you also send a second email. Personally, that says, 

Hey Joe, Just wanted to let you know we just sent you $1,427 via PayPal.

Thanks again for your support of our launch.

By the way, just a reminder, our next launch is October 1st – 16th. Are you in?

That’s kind of the gist of the message, right? That email alone, I typically get at least one reply to every one of those people committing to our next launch. That’s huge. That’s an extra .02% effort, takes 10 minutes to send those emails. It takes 10 minutes.

You can do that as, by the way, as a mail merge, you just plug the number in and send the emails to them. The other thing is, remember, a lot of people have different PayPal emails. My PayPal email is different from the email I actually ever checked. PayPal email it’s not a dummy email, but it goes to like our support team. I don’t even see those things.

So if you want to get to me, you send it to my regular email. That’s how you get in front of me. And by the way, what better time is there to ask them to support your next thing than when you just gave them money? It’s huge.

Six continue to let them know when you pay them. So if it’s a launch and there are payment plans,

six months of payment plans for the next six months, you emailed them every time you pay them and ask them the same thing, remind them of your next launch. If it’s a membership every month, don’t send an automated email.

You can actually, you can send an automated email, at least for your top affiliates that are earning more than a hundred bucks. Send them a personal email too. You can do it as a mail merge it doesn’t it’s an extra 0.02% effort to potentially get 10% more sales.

It’s these little things that make the difference that is really what I’m getting at here. The little things.

Seventh, keep in touch throughout the year. Comment on their Facebook posts, reach out monthly, and just check in with them.

Just find ways to keep in touch. If they say something on Facebook and it’s a little bit like they post some bad news on Facebook, send them a text, or an email personally, don’t just put on. They’ll just put, pray hands on the Facebook. I mean, seriously, that’s not how you build a relationship. Just comment, praying hands. And I’m, I’m picking on people who do that. I’m calling you out.

That’s like, could you have found anything that required less effort on your part than to just comment praying hands versus taking an extra 30 seconds to send me a text, to send somebody a text and just say, 

Hey you could actually say, I’m praying for you or I’m thinking of you or I’m so sorry to hear what happened. How can I help“, when something good happens, when it’s their birthday Don’t comment on it, I’ve said this so many times when I talk about networking don’t comment and say, happy birthday on their wall, they will forget about that eight seconds later, you text me. I will remember I can name. I mean, I got maybe 15 happy birthday texts this year. I can probably name 13 of the people.

Some of them I’m thinking of a couple of people aren’t people that I’m particularly friends with. I don’t know them that well, but they took the time.

The probably only way they knew I had a birthday is that they saw it on Facebook, but they didn’t just go to the wall and comment and say, happy birthday, who left a comment saying happy birthday to me on Facebook. I literally couldn’t tell you not a single person, no idea. I didn’t know that I saw any of them. I don’t remember them. So keep in touch.

Number eight, share stories with them. I mentioned this in that email.

When you have a success story, you have a testimonial look up who referred them and share them with that affiliate, share them with that affiliate. That’s huge, very easy to do you just, if you have a team every time you give a testimony or a case study or story that comes in, have them look up and see if an affiliate referred them.

If it’s you take the time to do it, it takes a couple of minutes every month, five minutes a month. And it makes a huge difference.

Keep a spreadsheet of those by the way, because then leading up to a launch, you can put together a whole document and an entire document and send it to them. It’s a pretty cool, pretty cool way to do that. You can post them publicly and tag the person that way everybody sees it, but it also kind of calls them out, send them privately, mix it up mix and match.

Ninth. Keep reminding them of the next date. Just keep every email, the payment emails, when you reach out to them,

don’t be like, if you’re reaching out to say, “Hey, I’m so sorry, your mother died, by the way, our next launch” like, oh my gosh, please don’t do that. If you’re that guy. Yeah, please don’t ask to be friends with me. Like, don’t do that. But keep reminding him the next day.

Any mass communication in the Facebook group, serve them in the Facebook group with tips this kind of ties into number 10, which serves them, give them tips, help them with their business. If you see a typo on their site, tell them, introduce them to people, promote them, promote a post of theirs once a month. You have to be intentional about this.

Have a list of your top partners and just find their content. I have a virtual assistant who does this every day almost. He goes out and just says, okay, here are seven potential posts that you could share on social media. And I go.

well, these two are not really good for my audience. I’m not gonna share those. Let’s share these five, whatever the number is and we share those five social media posts.

My top, probably 100, my dream 100, at least once a month, I’m sharing something of at least one of theirs.

I mean, so of those hundred, at least once a month, I’m sharing one of their things. Whether it be on Twitter or Facebook and I’m tagging them. Hey, this is a great post by so-and-so. It’s about such and such, go check it out. That’s served them and keeps me in touch with them.

So the point here is don’t be lazy. Look for these simple, simple ways that you can keep in touch with your affiliates. You worked so hard to get them. Now you need to keep them engaged.

So again, number one, send a recap email right away. Number two, get them to commit to the next launch or next promo. Three, send another email when the refund period is over. Four, pay on time.

Fifth, send that extra email when you pay,. Six, continue to let them know when you pay. Seventh, keep in touch. Eight, share stories with them. Nine, keep reminding on the next date, and Ten, serve them.

Make this an experience they want to be a part of. If you want to learn more about building an affiliate program,

including some, I’m going to go deeper into some of these strategies here. I’ve got a free training coming up called how I built a million dollar a month affiliate program, and only two years without any connections or credentials.

If you go to Mattmcwilliams.com/sevenfigures, you can register for that Mattmcwilliams.com/sevenfigures. Get signed up for this webinar. If you miss it, if you’re listening to this weeks after this release, I don’t know what happens. We’re going to redirect it to something.

So you’ll have an opportunity maybe to watch the replay. I don’t know. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, but go get signed up. Hopefully, you’re listening to this in time.

Get signed up for that. Come to this training. I’m going to reveal my secret playbook for how to grow your affiliate program even from scratch. You do not want to miss this. I’ll see you then.


Text me anytime at (260) 217-4619.

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