Busted Myth: Entrepreneurship is Risky

Why You Should Take the Leap Sooner Than You Think

According to my reader survey, 34% of you are already full-time entrepreneurs. That 34% know something the rest of you might not: Entrepreneurship is not risky. In fact, it might be the least risky thing you can do.

Why a Post About Entrepreneurship?

According to that same reader survey, 57% of you are not currently entrepreneurs but want to be. That’s why you follow me…to learn how to escape a job you hate and make it on your own.

What Every Great Leader Eventually Learns

I don’t consider myself a great leader. Yet.

But I’ve learned the one thing every great leader eventually learns. In fact, I am finally putting it into practice.

Great leaders delegate It takes a team to change the world. It takes a leader who will give up control and delegate. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

I finally reached the point earlier this year when my first thought on a new to-do item is “who can I assign this to?” That is the one thing that all great leaders learn to do.

Doing it all myself

I’m 35 years old as of this writing. I’ve been business owner or leader of some sort for ten years almost to the day. For the majority of that time, I did everything myself. I didn’t delegate except as a last resort.

I hired my first assistant in 2007 but it never occurred to me to delegate anything of importance to her. The same was true for my next assistant. Thankfully, he was ambitious and looked for opportunities to shine without waiting for me to delegate to him. Naturally, he was promoted.

5 More Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Live Longer

Why do entrepreneurs live nearly six years longer than the rest of the population?

Yesterday I shared the number one reason why: control. Despite the stress of “going it alone” and the perceived risk entrepreneurs take (the reality is that entrepreneurship is the least risky career path), entrepreneurs are in control. Or at least they feel in control, and that is what matters most according to the research.

5 reasons why entrepreneurs live longer
Freedom, impact, less stress…3 reasons why entrepreneurs live longer. Find out more. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

But what are some other reasons why entrepreneurs live 7.47% longer than everyone else? Here are five.

5 more reasons why entrepreneurs live longer

1. Freedom

Aracelli McWilliams feeding a giraffe
This moment made possible by entrepreneurial freedom.

When I worked for any of my previous companies (including my dad), I always had a schedule. That schedule didn’t change because someone (even someone as cute as our daughter) asked me to do something.