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Happy Thursday!

Denver Mattress Co., welcome to the Thank You Revolution.

You may not know you are a member, but you sure act like it.

My wife and I recently bought two mattresses and a box spring. In total, we spent about $2,000.

We bought one from Denver Mattress Co. I got a screaming deal on it and we were able to get it for just under $700. Win.

The other we bought from Sears, along with a box spring. In total, we spent almost $1400.

Guess who sent us a handwritten thank you note?

Not the company we spent more than $1400 with (and who screwed up the delivery). The company with whom we spent $700.

Denver Mattress Co. gets it. They get that a little extra effort goes a long way. They get that a simple gesture such as a handwritten note will likely make us into lifetime customers. They understand that I am now much more likely to refer friends and family to them…and definitely not to Sears.

Oh, but Matt, that was a template email that their company makes them send.

Yeah. And?

That’s called good company policy.

Do all of the sales reps send handwritten thank you notes?


Is it probably in a company manual?


Did Suzie use a template when writing it?

Of course. I use templates all the time. Heck, I publicly share mine. Read it right here.

If you get a thank you note from me, it probably follows that format.

None of that detracts from the fact that Suzie took an extra 2-3 minutes out of her day to write a note and mail it.

And that…is why Denver Mattress Co. gets it.

Welcome to the Revolution!

With Gratitude,


P.S. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment and share your favorite experience with a company writing thank you notes. You can comment below.

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