The Thank You Revolution Goes to School

Where in the world is the Thank You Revolution? How about the Pentagon:

Thank You Revolution in the Pentagon

Or how about an inner city classroom in Baltimore.

I got one of the most gratifying stories in my life from Chip Dizárd recently. He shared the story of his class in Baltimore. I’ll let Chip take it from here:

Teaching in a classroom can be a challenging thing, especially in an urban inner city environment. We have heard all the clichés about kids and their lack of enthusiasm for school and during my first two years as a teacher, I have experienced good and bad

I decided after reading about the Thank You Revolution to change something. I implemented Thank You Thursday with my 4th period class and we use it every Thursday before we start class. 

I ask the class to write a thank you letter to someone in the school, a fellow student, teacher or administrator and tell them you appreciate them. 

At first the students looked at me like I was crazy. They said, “Mr. Dizard, just thank random people?”

I said, “Yes. Do it and you will be graded for it.”

So the group of students carried out the task. 

We started in February 14th and by March 14th it was a habit.  They are thanking their teachers, parents and school leaders.  Our school still has many challenges, but since implementing the thank you revolution a small army has started—one of gratitude.

Chip is a teacher, author and videoblogger. His passion is to teach youth media production and leadership. You can find out more about him on his blog at

Why do I say that it was one of the most gratifying stories I have ever heard? Because those kids lives are changed.

I’m not tooting my horn here. The Revolution is not about me. The Revolution is about those kids. It’s about the teachers on the other end of the “thank you”s. It’s about the parents, coaches, and principals. It’s about their friends picking up the habit.

The Revolution is about you.

Go make it a gratifying day yourself.

This is Chip’s class. These are the lives being changed.

Chip Dizard Class Thank You Revolution

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