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The Revolution will change you. It will cause you to act differently.It will cause you to smile more.It will even change the way you treat people.

I don’t say this because I think it’s true or hope that it happens to you. I
say it because it’s happened to me and it’s completely backed by science.

I wish I was smart enough to say that I timed this TYR email with the post today on my site, but that isn’t the case. They just happen to be about the same thing:

The Principle of Consistency.

What this principle essentially means in terms of the Revolution is that when you write thank you notes, it changes you. You instantly become more thankful. Your gratitude levels rise. And that causes you to act in a manner that is consistent with who you now see yourself as.

I encourage you to read my post today for the genesis of this principle and the science behind it.

Consistently writing thank you notes each week will rewire your brain. I’d even be willing to bet that if you started charting your levels of happiness, gratefulness, and overall joy each week, you will notice that it is higher on the days you write them. I’ve certainly found that this is the case.

It’s like magic

There is magic in writing out a note to someone. The positive effects from just one note come in waves and can last for weeks.

It starts with just the idea of thanking them. You recall the favor they did for you and the good feelings that came with it. That is the first wave.

Next, you actually write the note and again recall the positive feelings. You also anticipate their reaction to the note. That is the second wave.

Then you send it or drop it off. Again, a smile comes as you think about their reaction. Third wave.

Lastly, comes the fourth wave. When they tell you about receiving it.

Sometimes…and this is too cool…there are fifth and sixth waves. Like Kirbie Earley experienced. You may remember her post from last week. She left a comment that read:

I actually got a call from this same gentleman last Friday – he is still talking about that Thank You note I sent him! It has inspired him to stay in contact with me, which is awesome!

Yep. More waves. More joy. More rewiring.

I told you the Revolution would change you.

With Gratitude,

Matt McWilliams

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