Where Failure Leads, Success Results | Roadmap of Success

Failure and success are not in two different directions. They are not two divergant paths on the road of life. And they are most certainly not mutually exclusive. Do an image search for “failure and success” on any image site and inevitably you will see an image that looks like this:

Failure or Success Road

Failure and success are not in two different directions. (Click to Tweet)


Talk about the road less traveled. The only people who purposefully take the left road are either sadistic or have awful GPS systems.

If life were like this sign, the left side could remain unsalted during a snowstorm. No one chooses that road.

The reality is that life is more like this:

Failures are the map dot towns en route to your destination. They are the eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania towns I flew through recently on the way to Philadelphia. Honestly, I can’t remember many of those towns. But they got me to where I wanted to go.

The same goes for failures. I don’t remember a ton of them, but I did learn lessons from them. And they have always led me to my destination.

Your path to each and every success in life will go through many failures. Just remember that is by design. That is the way the Map is taking you.

Follow the Map and allow yourself to feel the pain of failure…and always keep your Success in sight.

Have you viewed failure and success as independent of each other? What failures have led you to success?

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