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Do you have any idea how absolutely essential you are? Last week I wrote in a post entitled You ARE an Entrepreneur, You WILL Change the World, that said: “We are born to change the world. Or else, we are unnecessary.” It really struck a chord with people. I think it’s because most people have never been told they can change the world. Or that they should.

You were born to change the world

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Judging by my experience with most of the human race, I’m going to suggest that you have no idea how essential you are. You have no idea how many people to whom you are essential. No idea of the impact you have on the lives of so many people.

Here’s my theory…and I reserve the right to be wrong about it:

God made you to the change the world.

Or else there is no purpose…and I have this hunch like He doesn’t do anything without a purpose.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a world-changer? 

Have you ever truly believed that you are essential to this world?

Have you ever acknowledged the incredible power with which you were born?

What is stopping you?

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