20 Reasons to Start Affiliate Marketing Right Now (Part 2)

Reasons 6-10

Affiliate marketing is here to stay and it can be a huge part of your business. It is not a fad. It is not an afterthought. And it can be massively profitable for you. Here are five more reasons why you should get started with it today.

This is part two if a four-part series on why should you start affiliate marketing right now. Read part one here

The 5 Reasons People Buy Anything

What You Must Know About Consumer Psychology Before You Sell

Why do people actually buy? What makes them actually make the decision to part with their hard-earned cash in exchange for something you are offering (or something you are promoting)? There are five reasons…and I share them below.

Before you attempt to sell anything to anyone, you must know the five reasons people buy. If you don’t know these reasons, any attempt to sell anything will be futile.

When is the Right Time to Start Promoting Affiliate Offers?

Why Conventional Wisdom Has it All Wrong

Conventional wisdom tells you that the right time to start promoting affiliate offers is after a certain point. One year of blogging, 1,000 subscribers, after a certain number of this or that. I’m here to tell you conventional wisdom is all WRONG!

When is the Right Time to Start Promoting Affiliate Offers?

The Brick and Mortar Approach

Imagine you had a brick and mortar store. Would you wait a year to start selling something? Would you even wait a week?

Of course not!

Would you wait until the 1,000th person walked in before you sold something? No.

Would you wait until your store was more famous? How absurd!

You’d start selling something…anything…right away.