How to use Swipe Copy as an Affiliate

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid and How to Fix Them

Of all the things that we or our clients do in a launch, the most time-consuming task is writing swipe copy. Unfortunately, most affiliates don’t use it properly…usually because no one taught them how to use it. It’s time to fix that.

best practices for affiliate swipe copy

I typically see affiliates make five mistakes when using swipe copy. I list them all below along with the best practices to fix those mistakes.

5 Mistakes Affiliates Make With Swipe Copy (And How to Fix Them)

1. Copying Swipe Copy Without Editing It

This is the biggest mistake I see affiliates making.

They copy and paste the swipe copy, don’t even read it, and click send to their email list.

No. No. No.

I know it’s easy. I know you’ll probably still see decent results. But, please don’t do it.

Here are three reasons this is a bad idea:

  • Swipe copy is never written specifically for your audience.
  • Swipe copy is never written in your voice.
  • People subscribe to multiple lists and it’s likely that you will end up having the same email as someone else.

BEST PRACTICE: Use swipe copy as a guide. Use it to get your facts straight and for inspiration, but don’t just copy/paste it to your list. You can see how I use it as a guide in this free video.

2. Not Using Swipe Copy at All

On the flip side, another mistake is not using the swipe copy at all.

We give out swipe copy for a reason: To help you. It can help you to overcome writer’s block, give you inspiration for your own writing, and make sure you get the important information correct in the email.

BEST PRACTICE: Don’t ignore the swipe copy. Read through it and make sure to refer to it if you need help writing.

3. Not Getting Personal

Nothing is worse than boring copy that doesn’t relate to you.

When you write your own copy, you make sure to personalize it. It’s not generic and lame.

Yet, I often see affiliates focus way too much on the product creator or the product itself. You should really be focusing on the reader and your own personal story.

Make sure you aren’t too focused on the facts that you forget to include a good story.

BEST PRACTICE: Start with a story. Make your email personal. How does this product or free training tie into your own experiences? How can you personalize it for your readers?

4. Using Your Full Affiliate Link

When we send swipe copy, we include their full affiliate link, such as this:

That is my Self-Publishing School referral link.

It is ugly, long, and complicated.

I would never use a link like that in my emails. Instead I use a Pretty Link like this:

BEST PRACTICE: Whatever you do, don’t use your long, ugly affiliate link in an email or social media. If you don’t already have Pretty Link, get it here.

5. Trying to Write to Everyone

When you try to communicate with everyone, you communicate with no one.

Swipe copy is meant for the masses, but your emails are meant for your avatar. This is why I start off every email I write (including affiliate promotions) with my avatar’s name, Pete.

“Hey Pete”

“Super quick Pete”

“What’s up Pete?”

Pete is my avatar. He is my audience. Not thousands of people. Not “my list” or “my tribe.” Pete is.

BEST PRACTICE: Write to your avatar, not the masses. If it helps, start each email off with their name and imagine you are writing to just him or her.

Swipe copy is a great tool when used properly. I hope these tips help you to do just that.

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