When Billy Graham passed away recently I spent some time thinking about how this great man had influenced my life and what he had taught me, not just personally, but professionally.Regardless of your faith or opinion on his religious views and beliefs, there is a LOT you can learn about marketing from the life of Billy Graham.  In this video, I share six marketing lessons I learned from Billy Graham.


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Resources Mentioned In This Video

The Power of Starting Something Stupid by Richie Norton

Good to Great by Jim Collins

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3 thoughts on “6 Marketing Lessons From The Life Of Billy Graham

  1. jillrapley says:

    I certainly thank God for Billy Graham – our family’s lives were changed because of him – his crusade in Auckland, NZ was relayed to a lot of the cities by radio back then. (even smaller ones like Timaru were we lived) Mum and Dad attended and came home changed!!

    Then another time Billy flew to Dunedin, with a stop over in Christchurch – the minister of the church we went to at that time closed the service early because “he had an important meeting to attend”. Mum and Dad being adventurous as they were – guessed what it was, and off we went to the airport. Sure enough, the Billy Graham team were about to arrive.

    We got a glimpse of them through the window – with a group of the city’s ministers. Billy somehow found out there were folk outside that room and came out to shake our hands. (He autographed a Bible that my grandmother had given me. Grandma’s life also was changed because of Billy’s faithfulness to his God and His message.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      That is so cool Jill! WOW!

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