What Resources Do You Need to Provide Your Affiliates?

7 Musts for Every Successful Program

If you are running an affiliate program, it is your responsibility to make sure your partners have everything they need. And I mean everything. But what are the most important things you can provide your affiliates? Here are seven must-provide resources.

Kelly McCausey from SoloSmarts.com recently emailed me to ask:

7 Ways to Promote Evergreen Affiliate Offers

Helpful Tips for Both Affiliates and Product Owners

We all love the big product launches. They are exciting, have great contests and prizes, and a wonderful way to bring in a lot of money in a short time. But evergreen offers can be incredibly lucrative as well.

How to promote evergreen affiliate offers
The advantages of a time-bound launch are clear:

  1. They build buzz. When many people are promoting the same thing, it certainly makes waves.
  2. Affiliates love the contests and prizes. Let’s face it…affiliates are competitive by nature.
  3. The “Launch Echo.” A “launch echo” is the natural positive effect launches have on your brand, which is often long-lasting. Credit to Jeff Walker for coining this term.

But they also have their downsides…