UPDATED: Turn Your Blog Into an Affiliate Marketing Machine

10 Simple Ways to Start Monetizing Your Blog Immediately

So you started a blog. Now what?  If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know I am a big believer in monetizing from day one. After all, brick and mortar stores start selling stuff the day they open their doors, why shouldn’t you? So how exactly do you turn your blog into an affiliate marketing machine? In today’s post, I will share 7 simple ways to get started today.

Self-publishing School with Chandler Bolt affiliate program

There are a lot of people who start a blog with the intention of creating a profitable business. Unfortunately, too many never actually get there.

How I Made $10,000 from Passive Affiliate Income in One Month

My Resources Page Just Had It's Best Month Ever (And Yours Can, Too)

Two months ago, I had my best month ever in passive income. I finally broke through the $10,000 mark. All from a single page on my site and all 100% passive.

Self-publishing School with Chandler Bolt affiliate program

All of this $10,000+ came from my resources page.

This single page hasn’t been touched in more than six months (which is actually a bad thing…I should be updating it more often). All $10,000, therefore, was completely passive income.

In this post, I’ll share how I did it and what’s working on my resources page.

How to Create a Killer Resources Page (That’s Crazy Profitable)

5 Keys to Creating Serious Passive Income

There is a single page on your that, if used properly, can be amazingly profitable. And the best part is that a little effort goes a long way. That page is your resources page and today I’ll show you how to create a killer one…and the awesome results I’ve had from mine.

As someone who has spent more than a decade running affiliate programs and promoting affiliate offers, I get asked almost daily about the tools I use.