What Donald Trump Can Teach You About Great Marketing

7 Lessons from The Presidential Candidate

Whether you love him, hate him, or can’t quite figure him out, you have to admit that Donald Trump’s campaign for president is something to marvel at. I will not get political with this post (translation: I will probably say something that makes someone post something nasty in the comments), but I will share 7 things you can learn from Trump’s campaign to benefit your marketing.

Marketing Lessons from Donald Trump

DISCLAIMER: I am not endorsing Trump’s (or anyone else’s for that matter) campaign tactics, policies, or hairstyle. That said, I’ll probably make at least one or two commentaries that make you disagree with me…and hopefully laugh.

Here are the 7 things you can learn from Donald Trump’s campaign. Each of these, if applied correctly, can greatly benefit your next marketing campaign, whether it’s for your own launch or an affiliate promotion.

How to Hammer Your Priorities Home

How do I get my team to understand what is important?

Hammering Nail

When Jack asked me that, what he was really saying is, “How do I get my team to understand me?”

Jack was like many entrepreneurs. He was full of ideas, always chasing the next big thing, and his team was reflective of his personality.

But there was a big problem: they often ignored the big priorities, no matter how important they were to Jack.

“What are your priorities?” I asked. Jack rattled off a list of six items as if they were a part of a script.