7 Types Of Affiliates You Should Be Recruiting (But Probably Aren’t) [VIDEO]

How To Find Great Affiliates That No One Else Is Recruiting

When it comes to recruiting affiliates, there are a LOT of places you can look and a lot of different kinds of affiliates you can recruit. I’ve spent a decade and a half recruiting hundreds of thousands of affiliates, and from that experience, I have found that there are 7 types of affiliates that everyone should recruit, but they often don’t. Today I will share those 7 types so that YOU can start recruiting them immediately!

3 Surprising Sources of Affiliate Partners [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 015

This is part three of a series on ways to find affiliates. If you missed the first two episodes, make sure to go back and listen to them.  In them, I also shared a free resource you’ll want to get to follow along. So before you listen, make sure to get my free report, Your First 100 Affiliates. Today I’m going to share three great places to find affiliates that you might not have thought of.

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3 More Ways to Find Affiliate Partners [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 012

You need affiliate partners. They are the fastest way to grow your business. If you missed episode 8, I shared the first 3 ways to find affiliates. I also shared a free resource you’ll want to get to follow along. Before we get started, go to Your First 100 Affiliates. Grab it now and we’ll go through it together.

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My #1 Affiliate Recruiting Email Revealed

This One Email is Worth 500+ Affiliates and $1,000,000+ in Revenue

Without the right affiliates, you can have the greatest offer, the best product, and a killer sales funnel and your affiliate launch will still be a flop. So then, how do you recruit great affiliates?

Recruiting great affiliates starts with who you know – your network. But today’s post actually shares a way you can recruit top affiliates without knowing anyone. In it, I am revealing, for the first time ever to the public, my number one recruiting email.

What Are The Best Places to Find Affiliates?

Free Report Reveals 15 Places to Find Top Affiliates

I still remember the first time I heard the term “affiliate.” I’d just started working with a friend at a startup. We had virtually no money and what little we had we’d just blown on banner ads (this was 2005). The idea of affiliates was mesmerizing.

where can you find affiliates?

My friend and I spent the next hour talking about how amazing this idea was. It was no-risk (you only pay if you make a sale) and high-reward.

We went on and on about how we could make affiliates a part of our business. We marveled at the endless possibilities.

3 Surprising Sources of Affiliate Partners

Finding affiliate partners is a lot easier than it may seem. In fact, you have a whole bunch of them right under your nose. Today, I will share three surprising sources of affiliate partners.

Sources of Affiliate Partners

To get started finding good affiliates, there are two obvious places to look:

  1. People you know well.
  2. People who are promoting other people’s stuff.

But what about the not-so-obvious, but oh-so-easy places?