I hope you enjoyed my interview with Tyler McCart. Here are some of my favorite articles on the topics we talked about, along with some free resources to help you on your journey below.

The story of my arrest and facing 42 years in prison


What I did about my poor leadership and how I improved it

Great Leaders Know When to Encourage and When to Instruct

How My Kindergarten Teacher Ruined Me as a Leader…and How I Fixed It

What Every Great Leader Eventually Learns


Networking with Purpose
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How I Tripled my Income in 3 Years…After Getting Fired

5 Ways to Grow Your Network and Keep it Warm

Network Math

Your Networking Budget – 200 Hours and $1000

Happy Birthday Calls | Networking Tip from Tom Corley’s Rich Habits

Make the Impossible Ask | Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Networking Advice for Introverts

Help! I’m Desperate for a New Job

Interview with John Corcoran on Building an Amazing Network

What to do in a Toxic Environment | How to Warm up Your Network Fast


Are You Primed for Success or Predicting Your Own Failure?

Why I Hate SMART Goals but Love DREAM Goals

How Our Expectations Create our Reality

29 Things Successful People Never Say

You Can Raise World Changers – The Power of Declarations for Kids

Overcoming the Negative Voices in Your Head | How I Did It

The Surprising Truth About the Lies You Tell Yourself

This 1 Thing Will Silence Your Critics Forever

Free Resources

Book: Fear No More – a short guide to overcoming the negative voices in your life (your own and others’), silencing your critics, and conquering your greatest obstacles.

Book: Who Will Change the World, if Not the Entrepreneur

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