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The World Changer Show is a weekly podcast bringing you an inspiring guest or message to help you unleash the World Changer inside of you.

I post the podcast each Tuesday. Sometimes it is a solo episode (just me) covering topics such as leadership, business, communication, mindset, productivity, and personal development. Often, we have a guest join us to discuss a variety of topics as well.

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Podcast Archive
99How to Change the World Through Business with Ray Edwards11/17/15
98Developing Collaborative Intelligence with Dawna Markova and Angie McArthur11/17/15
978 Ways to Overcome Burnout (And Enjoy Your Life Again) Part 211/03/15
96How to Overcome Burnout and Enjoy Your Life Again, Part 110/27/15
95Help for the Hurting with Jamie Tworkowski10/20/15
94What Drives You? with Ridgely Goldsborough10/13/15
93I Hate My Job, Now What?10/06/15
92Reaching Your Full Potential with Shannon Kaiser09/29/15
91Harnessing the Power of Your Authentic Voice09/22/15
90What Kenyan Runners Can Teach You About Success09/15/15
89How to Harness the Power of Disruption with Jay Samit09/08/15
88The 3 Reasons You Can’t Lead Alone09/01/15
87Insight Out with Tina Seelig08/25/15
86How To Silence Your Critics Forever08/18/15
85Getting (More Of) What You Want with Margaret Neale and Thomas Lys08/11/15
84Are Great Leaders Born or Made?08/04/15
83The ADHD Advantage with Dr. Dale Archer07/28/15
82Making the Leap From Successful to Very Successful07/21/15
81How to Destroy Adultitis with Jason Kotecki07/14/15
80The One Thing Every Leader Must Learn To Do07/07/15
79The Power of Starting Something Stupid with Richie Norton06/30/15
785 Ways to Boost Your Energy (Without Caffeine)06/23/15
77How to Navigate Life’s Difficult Transitions with Brian Holmes06/16/15
76Why Great Leaders Must be Ignorant (Or At Least Act Like It)06/09/15
7529 Things Successful People Never Say06/02/15
74How to Start a Business the Right Way with Trajan King05/26/15
73How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Make the Impossible Ask05/19/15
72The Benefits of Smiling More (And How to do It)05/12/15
71The Shocking Similarity Among Great Leaders05/05/15
70How to Find and Use Your Breakthrough Idea to STAND OUT with Dorie Clark04/24/15
69How to be a Cycle Breaker04/21/15
68Becoming Rejection Proof: An Interview with Jia Jiang04/17/15
67The Lie of Influence04/14/15
66Combating Fatherlessness with Dr. Shane Wall04/10/15
65How to Overcome Negative Self-Talk04/07/15
64The Conscious Millionaire JV Crum III04/03/15
63What to do When Your Business is at the End of its Rope03/31/15
62Overcoming Any Obstacle with Darin Sargent03/27/15
61Act as If03/24/15
60Starting a Movement at Age 9 with Elayna Hasty03/20/15
059How to Live a Pain Free Life03/17/15
058Jeff Goins on Finding Your Calling03/13/15
057How to Bounce Back from Defeat03/10/15
056Redefining Rich with Matt Ham (Part Two)03/06/15
055How to Find the Right Mentor03/03/15
054Redefining Rich with Matt Ham (Part One)02/27/15
053How to Make Sure Your Best is Yet to Come02/24/15
052How to Find Work You Love with Scott Barlow02/20/15
051Autopsy of a Failed Business02/17/15
050Connecting Products to Your Purpose and Creating Moments that Matter with Andy Hayes02/13/15
049Mark Sieverkropp on Networking with Purpose02/06/15
0489 Actions to Take Today if You’re Stuck in a Job You Hate02/03/15
047Caroline Nettle on Traveling the World, Discovering Your Passion, and Planting 1 Million Trees01/30/15
04610 Simple Strategies for Building a Powerful Network01/27/15
045Building Your Own Brand and Starting with the World You Know with Mike Bruny01/23/15
0443 Things a Leader Should Never Do01/20/15
043Hans Finzel – Are Leaders Born or Made?01/16/15
04212 Steps – 10 Lessons I Learned from Being in a Recovery Program01/13/15
041Niels Kaastrup-Larsen on Revolutionizing an Industry and Using Tragedy to Define Your Calling01/09/15
040Michael Hyatt on Goal-Setting and Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever01/05/15
03910 Essential Steps to Make 2015 a Breakthrough Year12/30/14
038Why You are a Bad Listener and How to Fix It12/23/14
037Greg Faxon on Living Deliberately and Finding Your True North12/19/14
036The Uncaged Heart12/16/14
035Mark Sieverkropp on Leaving a Job You Hate and the Power of a Great Network12/12/14
034The 4 Keys to Setting Effective Goals (That Almost No One Uses)12/11/14
033You are a Prophet…now Start Acting Like One12/09/14
032John Corcoran on How to Build an Amazing Network and Working in the White House12/05/14
031The Seven-Year Old Who Can Change the World12/02/14
030Mary Kathryn Johnson on Clock Punching, Parenting, and Defining Moments11/28/14
0299 Ways to be More Thankful All Year11/25/14
028Michael O’Neal on Overcoming Adversity, True Job Security, and Inspiring Solopreneurs11/21/14
027Why You Need Childlike Persistence to Change the World11/18/14
026Chandler Bolt on Saving 10,000 Lives, Thinking Big, and Being More Productive11/14/14
02511 Ways to Fight Fatigue and Push Your Limits11/11/14
024Ray Edwards on Growing Your Business, Prosperity with Purpose, and Changing the World11/07/14
023Mini-Lesson – A Book That Will Truly Make You Happy11/06/14
0224 Ways to Shut Up a Gossip11/04/14
021Sundi Jo Graham on How She Lost 145 Pounds and Telling Your Story of Redemption10/31/14
020bBONUS: 12 Proven Strategies to Get Your Focus Back10/28/14
020aBONUS: John Lee Dumas on One Thing and One Thing Only: FOCUS10/28/14
0206 Ways to Help You Get in the Zone10/28/14
019Jared Easley on Overcoming Self-Doubt and Starting a Movement10/24/14
0185 Ways to Use Competition to Get to the Next Level10/21/14
017Ridgely Goldsborough Helps You Discover Your WHY10/17/14
0167 Steps to Getting Out of That Funk 10/14/14
015Rockstar A.J. Amyx on Getting Paid for Your Passions 10/10/14
014The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made as a Leader 10/8/14
013The 8 Things Your Team Really Wants, Pt. 2 10/7/14
012Tammy Helfrich on Finding the Right Community and Sharing Your Voice10/3/14
011The 8 Things Your Team Really Wants9/30/14
010Austin Netzley on the Power of Networking and Never Truly Retiring9/26/14
009The Myth of the Solitary Leader9/23/14
008My Story9/19/14
007Interview with Tom Corley of Rich Habits9/18/14
006The 5 Attitudes You Must Adopt to Unleash the World Changer Inside of You9/17/14
005Interview with Farnoosh Brock9/16/14
004You Are What You Hear and See, Pt. 29/16/14
003Interview with John G. Miller of QBQ on Personal Accountability9/16/14
002You Are What You Hear and See, Pt. 19/16/14
001A Quick Introduction9/16/14